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How to properly check auto parts for damage or potential issues.


There is nothing more frustrating than finding out the part you just bought at the auto parts store is wrong, damaged, or won’t fit on your vehicle. And now you must return to the store to exchange or return a part you purchased.

It’s quite easy to avoid this situation if you know what to say and look for. When ordering any part, you should make sure you have the correct year, make, model, and engine size ready. The auto parts store uses this information to find you the correct part for your vehicle. Additionally, you should always inspect the part before leaving. Here are a few tips on inspecting parts. Parts such as hoods or fenders make sure to check the corners to see if any dents or deep scratches are present. Parts such as bumpers and grills should be checked for any cracks or damaged clips that can potentially cause an issue during installation. Headlights and taillights should be checked for spider cracks or for any defects on the guiding brackets. If you do have any questions or concerns about any of the parts you purchased from Auto Parts Outlet, we'll gladly take the time to inspect and correct any issues to save you time and frustration!

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